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Adele 'Easy On Me' Teaser Video Goes Live on Youtube!

It's been five years since Grammy-Award-winning superstar Adele released her last studio album, "25"  -- and I'm sure her millions of fans across the world can't wait any longer for new songs from the diva.

Adele Easy On Me

Well, if you love Adele, I'm sure you'd be more than delighted to learn that earlier today - October 6, 2021, a short clip or a teaser video for an all-new song was uploaded on Adele's official Youtube account.

Entitled "Adele - Easy On Me (Clip)", the video features opening piano notes for what sounds like a ballad and shows Adele riding a pick-up vehicle along a dirt-road while sheets of music are being wild-blown out of the car window.

You can watch the video here:

On the same day that the teaser video was uploaded, the number "30" in similar sans serif font and golden color appeared on several wall-projected ads and electronics billboards in key cities across the world.

Adele 30 Billboard Ads

Since Adele's last album from half a decade ago was simply called "25" (reflecting her age during the recording), many are assuming that these cryptic ads are for her next album, which is rumored to be released within Q4 2021.

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