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How Did Metro Manila Look in the 1980's? Watch These Videos To Find Out!

Are you an OFW who hasn't come home since the '90s and are feeling nostalgic about how Metro Manila looked years before you left? 

Are you a young Filipino who's curious to see how much has changed or hasn't changed in the nation's capital since the '80s?

Well, here are two Youtube videos that you definitely must see

Both of them were uploaded by a Filipino-Swiss Youtuber and Instagrammer named Paolo Rigotti in July 2020. Paolo said that the clips were recorded using a Sony Video 8 camcorder, a consumer gadget which was very expensive and quite rare back in the day.

The first one entitled "Shopping in the 80's (Manila 1989)" showed moving images of scenes in the heart of Lungsod ng Maynila's bustling shopping district.
Metro Manila 1980s Jeepney
I believe the jeepney shot was taken along Quezon Boulevard near Far Eastern University.

Metro Manila 1980s Carriedo Isetann
Back in the day, there were horse-drawn carriages called Kalesa along Carriedo and Isetann was the go-to place of Manila's middle class during that time.

Metro Manila 1980s Quiapo Carriedo
Comparing scenes in the '80s to what we see today, little has changed in the areas surrounding Quiapo Church.

Metro Manila 1980s Food Kiosks
Interestingly, the video also showed young Filipinos (who appear to be students and yuppies) who were dining out in food kiosks. Food prices were still pretty low back them. I'm not sure where the clip was taken but I think it was somewhere near Taft Avenue in Manila.

Watch the first video here:

The second clip was recorded using the same camcorder while driving around several main thoroughfares of Metro Manila.

Metro Manila 1980s Avenida Rizal Avenue
I think this scene shows Lope de Vega St. corner Avenida or Rizal Avenue in Santa Cruz, Manila.

Metro Manila 1980s City Hall
This was along Padre Burgos Avenue approaching Manila City Hall. On the left side was Lagusnilad and on the left was Taft Avenue.

Metro Manila 1980s EDSA
I'm not sure but I think this was along EDSA approaching SM West aka SM North Avenue

Metro Manila 1980s Luneta Rizal Park
Finally, this is the Rizal Monument at Luneta was before it had a background photobomber in the form of Torre de Manila.

Watch the full second video here:

These online content are just additional proof that it's important for us to document our travels and adventures in videos! Who knows? Your clips today might prove very valuable to future Filipinos; Something that they definitely "must see" to get a glimpse of life before they were born.

It's baffling how all of us have smartphones that can shoot FullHD and even 4K videos and yet so few bother to record videos of family get-togethers, travels, or even just everyday events. You don't have to be a vlogger to do it. Just take those videos and upload them all on Youtube. Eventually, you will be glad you did.

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